We want Italians to able to eat organic avocados with a short supply chain, grown using a process that guarantees soil regeneration, stimulates biodiversity and has a low environmental impact.


During planting, we incorporate large amounts of organic matter (compost) and biochar into the soil to stimulate soil activity. We put grass cuttings and forest management waste to good use to make our land less susceptible to fire. We ensure green inter-row cover and use the natural mulching method (with bark) under the foliage to activate fungal exchange with the soil and reduce water consumption.


we want to reduce water consumption, while respecting the environment and our crops: that’s why our avocados are planted taking advantage of the contour lines (key lines) to minimise runoff and the loss of fertile soil. Rainwater is channelled into ponds that stimulate biodiversity, while in forest infiltration areas, phyto-purified water is released into the water table.


Our process is part of a land enhancement strategy that involves alternating cultivated fields, forest and Mediterranean scrubland. In just one farm we have groves containing six different species of avocado, and we use olive and eucalyptus trees as natural windbreaks. Organic corridors planted with flowers support the bees’ work of pollination, with beehives managed in-house to make organic honey.


We monitor the health of plants by satellite so that activities in the field can be optimised (irrigation, fertilisation and phytosanitary operations). We spread our foliar fertilisers using a frost-protection system, without the need for motorised vehicles. Using blockchain technology, we map avocado production, biodiversity, agri-environmental services and carbon capture.


Our technical and scientific partners helping bring this project to life:


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